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Mystery Dinner Solved

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The Fraternal Order of Eagles, aerie 2566  in Lincoln Park hosted a Mystery Dinner fundraiser on behalf of  Project Mother’s Day on April 10th.  Sandy, myself and PMD Chair Amy attended the event to show our support, gratitude…and to find out what this mystery dinner was all about.  It was the craziest, most enjoyable dinner we have ever been to!! When you arrived you received a sheet of paper that looked kind of like a word search. There were words on the left that you had to write in  slots on the right that corresponded to your meal…first course, second course.  When you are filling in this sheet, you have no idea what the words actually mean, because they have absolutely nothing to do with food. We just filled it in and hoped for the best! When our first course arrived it became perfectly clear the words we chose would dictate what we were served (including whether or not we received silverware!) and in what order.  Once people were eating they started to auction off forks in case you did not get one in that course.  It was a blast and so creative. With the amazing direction of Tim and Christi, the Eagles raised over $2,400 for Project Mother’s  Day. We thank them so very much for their help  and for the zaniest meal we have ever had.

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