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Necklaces Are On Their Way

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Chloe and Sparky guarding the boxes of necklaces to be shipped to the shelters

Sandy putting the finishing touches on a shipment of "Inner Strength" necklaces

The necklaces are on their way to the women and children in the shelters! Sandy and I  took the boxes to PostNet in Dearborn Heights so owner Lynne could ship them to the shelters.  Lynne generously donated the shipping for this year as well as last year.  We thank Lynne and PostNet on Ford Road in Dearborn Heights for their incredible generosity.

The shelters  receiving the 2010 “Inner Strength” necklace include:

First Step of Michigan

Project Response of Auburn, NE.

Mujeres Unidas/Women Together of McAllen, TX

New Beginnings of Seattle, WA

Carbon County COVE of Rawlins, WY

Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles, CA

Family Crisis Center of  Lafayette, GA

Caring Unlimited of Sanford, ME

I love you Project Mother's Day

As we drove away from PostNet I felt the most overwhelming sense of pride. Because of Project Mother’s Day and the generosity of all of you, women and children all over the country,  that we will never meet will have a reason to smile on Mother’s Day. They will know that there are people across the country that care about their well being and are sending them love  from afar. That is SO magical!

We did that…all of us, and I thank you.  I thank you so very much for your support, belief in us and your belief in Project Mother’s Day. We did it! They are on their way and I am relieved and proud.


2 Responses to “Necklaces Are On Their Way”
  1. What a wonerful selfless thing to do! Being a survivor myself and working with survivors of domestic violence every day, I know the impact these sort of personal touches make for the women we serve. Anytime a community reaches out to touch the lives of survivors and their children in even the smallest of ways, it does much to lift up those making their survivor journey.

    As a women doing the work this also gives me inspiration knowing there are those in the community who care.

    Kudos to all of you!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind reply. I know I speak for all of our volunteers, supporters and donors when I say it is truly our honor to participate in nurturing the women and children you serve. Their journey is one of strength, courage and great commitment to themselves and their future. They continue to inspire us and we are grateful.

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