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Mother’s Day

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When I woke up on Mother’s Day, I felt the excitement of a Christmas morning. I was giddy with  anticipation of an event I would never see. Children all across the country were giving their Moms the “Inner Strength” necklaces that we created together.

That morning,  Sandy, myself and Amy (PMD  Chair) toasted with champagne and reveled in the enormous amount of pride we felt knowing the “Inner Strength” necklaces were in hands of the people that deserve them the most; the women and children we honor for their inner strength.

Whether you attended a fundraiser, talked about Project Mother’s Day all around town or helped to create the necklaces, we thank you. We made a difference in the lives of families in Michigan and across the country.  We are incredibly  grateful and proud.

Thank you,

Sherry, Sandy and Amy

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