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Launching Project Produce

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Thank you to Kearns Brothers Inc. for sponsoring our “Big Pink Cart” for Project Produce! For the past two days I have been spraying it pink for its June 11th debut at the Dearborn Farmer’s and Artisan market.

Painting th "Big Pink Cart"

Sandy and I went to the market today and shared the news about Project Produce with the vendors. They were supportive and looking forward to participating.

The Project Produce cart will be easy to spot at the market every Friday from 8am-1pm,  just waiting for your donations of produce that we will  deliver to First Step of Michigan that afternoon.

How can I help you ask???

*Drop off produce on Fridays between 8am-1pm at the Dearborn Farmer’s and Artisan Market behind Bryant Library on Michigan Avenue.  Look for the “Big Pink Cart.”

*Collect produce at your home, office or Bunco Night and drop it off on Fridays.

*Donate to help us fund the program through the Summer, using our secure donate button.

We hope you are as excited as we are to help families eat fresh!

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