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Nominations for Inner Strength Giveaway!

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Starting Monday, June 21st (the Summer Solstice) through July 21st, we are asking all of you to help us give away an Inner Strength necklace.

Inner Strength necklace

Simply nominate someone you believe deserves a gift of some Inner Strength.  Have they recently lost a job, lost someone important to them, had to move away for challenging reasons or do they just need a lift?

Click on the “Comments” section at the end of this post and submit your nominee.

Share a little about why you are nominating this person and we’ll randomly select one winner from all the entries.  Winner will be announced on July 30th.

Please provide the following information when you Comment to this post:

Your first name and email address.  (will be deleted from public access) We will need to reach you if your nominee is selected, we will contact them directly only after we communicate with you.

The first name of the person you are nominating and one paragraph about why you are nominating them.    (we will post edited versions of this information)

Are you ready to share some Inner Strength?


10 Responses to “Nominations for Inner Strength Giveaway!”
  1. Nancy A says:

    I am nominating my sister. She works so hard every day at her job and then at least three times a week she volunteers at one of our local long-term care facilities. She visits with the residents, does manicures for some of the ladies and generally brightens their days.

    She’s had a rough couple of years and was particularly hard hit when we lost our Dad two years ago. I would love for her to receive an Inner Strenght necklace. She’s the epitome of inner strenght and she shares it with everyone. She is my idol.

  2. Barbara says:

    I would like to nominate Karen, a woman I know that has a 20 year old daughter that has Ataxia-Telangiectasia. She was diagnosed with this condition when she was a toddler. Karen, a single mom, has devoted her life to taking care of her daughter’s every need. She also spends many hours helping out the A-T foundation to raise money and awareness of this disease. I am the homebound teacher of this 20 year old girl and I witness the day to day struggles they both experience. This girl has had a few medical setbacks in the last few weeks, which of course has Karen very worried/stressed. This necklace would certainly brighten her day!

  3. Barbara F says:

    I’d like to nominate my friend Rebecca.

    Becca lost her mom this year. They spoke every day. Mom was blind and Becca would read her articles from magazines over the phone and even describe to her what people on her favorite TV shows were wearing. Becca is a wonderful, devoted mom to Alex, just 19, even driving him to his first day of classes at college and decorating the whole house for his birthday. Not long after her mom died, they lost a beloved dog as well. Maybe Mom needed a friend up there. My bEcca is the best and needs a pick-me-up.

  4. Lisa G says:

    I have a wonderful customer, Demitra. She has served as a corrections officer for over 30 years. She thought she had the flu in January and was prescribed antibiotics. When she didn’t feel better, she went back to the Doctor’s. They sent her in to get an MRI scan of her lungs and found 3rd stage lung cancer.
    She comes to my store for pieces of wrapping paper and skinny ribbons because she handmakes cards that she sends to friends, family and anyone that needs a pick-me up. She does this to help her manage the stress of her job. Her dream is to one day sell her designs to card shops. I encourage her goal in order to help her beat this form of cancer. Maybe by wearing the necklace she can have a little extra help in that effort. Thanks for considering her.

  5. Stacey F. says:

    I’d like to nominate one of my oldest and best friend, Lori. Lori is 41 years old and has been battling breast cancer for the last few years. Just when she thinks she has made it over one hurdle there seems to be another one in her way. She has had radiation, a double misectomony, breast surgery and is now going through chemotheraphy. The doctors have already told her that she will lose her hair. Lori and I have been through a lot together, but this is something that I can’t make better for her and it breaks my heart. During this entire breast cancer process she has continued to raise her four kids and participate in their day to day activities. She inspires me with her strength, determination and her will to beat this awful disease. I would love for Lori to receive an Inner Strength Necklace because at a time like this she needs something special to remind her not only of her own inner stregth, but of the love and support she has around her as well.

  6. Jerilyn R. says:

    I would like to nominate my Little Sister from the Big Sister Little Sister program. I have known her since she was 7, she is 30 now and has faced innumerable challenges from the beginning of her life on. She has taken care of her mom who has multiple physical and emotional challenges and her younger brother- who has many behavioral challenges from the time she was 1l. I believe it would mean a great deal to her to know she is not alone, and that others think of her and love her.

  7. Cindy P says:

    I am nominating my dear friend Regina. Her husband has had 3 heart surgeries in the past year. He continues to recover from the last surgery at this time however,he is now experiencing other health problems. Regina has been at his side day and night. This has taken a tremendous toll on her too. She has lost quite a bit of weight and looks very tired all of the time. Regina needs something to bring a smile to her face. The necklace would brighten her day!

  8. Jennifer G. says:

    With a smile that can light up a room and pick-up your spirits, I know just the right young lady who would look and feel amazing wearing an Inner Strength necklace. Maura will be entering her senior year of high school this fall, but lost her Mom to cancer this past spring. At a time when friends and family have been grieving, it’s been the sparkle in Maura’s eyes that have carried many through these difficult days. In a community where friends truly become family, we all are looking out for our dear friend’s daughter and know that even though she’s gone, her inner strength remains and reflects in Maura’s bright eyes…and maybe in a beautiful new Solstice necklace, too!

  9. Kathy H. says:

    I want to submit my Mom, Helen. She is an inspiration to our family, friends and co-workers everywhere. Helen has cared for a others her whole life and is now facing her own battle with lung cancer. Her grace and strength are to be honored.

  10. Cheryl E says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Dorothy. She is a single mother of 3 grown boys (one passed away unexpectedly a year ago) and is raising her sisters 3 children. She has had a tough time this last year with the loss of her youngest son and her health has also been declining. She works at an assisted living and no matter what her day/life has been like she treats each of her patients like they are the only person in the world. She truely is an inspiration to all of her friends!

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