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7/6 Gratitude Tuesday

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This Tuesday we honor Laura Hoskins for her imaginative and innovative design work.  Laura created the fabulous Project Mother’s Day logo that you see here on this website and peppered throughout our communications.  Additionally, she prepared each of the previous four years’ invitations to our fundraiser party, an important aspect of setting the stage for the glamorous soiree.

When you share an idea with Laura, she is able to transform it into a visual piece of art that is readily convertible to all sorts of applications.  We’ve used the PMD logo on business cards, invitations, flyers, on the website on all sorts of  signage.   Thank you Laura for all you do to support Project Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for graphic design help, contact Laura at 248-393-7505 or email her at LauraHoskins@Comcast. net     You will be glad that you did.

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