Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Project Produce

Welcome to Project Produce

2010 Wrap Up

We launched Project Produce in June of 2010 in the Dearborn Farmer’s & Artisan’s Market.  Each week, food donations grew as community members and vendors alike began to support the Project in earnest.  October 29th was the last day of the Dearborn Market and in total, volunteers collected and delivered nearly 1600 lbs of fresh, locally grown produce and artisan food items to First Step of Michigan.

An extension of Project Produce opened in early August in the Wyandotte Farmer’s Market with food donations benefiting Waynewright Community Meals.  October 28th was the last day of the Market in Wyandotte.

Thank you to both Markets for helping to make Project Produce a resounding success in 2010 for families in transition.

What is Project Produce?

This new outreach of Project Mother’s Day expands the grass roots giving arm of Solstice Designs into a year round venture.  Project Produce is a  bridge between local farmers, citizens and families in need.  Launched in Dearborn, Michigan, Project Produce  is a weekly venture, collecting fresh produce and food items during farmer’s markets and delivered to charitable organizations each week.

Project Produce originated in the Dearborn Farmer’s and Artisan Market and just extended to the Wyandotte Farmer’s Market.

Each market features the signature “Big Pink Cart” for collecting the produce throughout the market hours each week.  Then, the food items are delivered to a local community organization that dispenses the donations to families in need.

In Dearborn, the Farmer’s Market is open every Friday from 8am-1pm behind the Bryant Branch Library.  The Market runs through October 29th.   First Step of Michigan, a domestic violence shelter is the recipient organization of the Dearborn Market donations.  They provide the food to women and children in the protective care of the shelter as well as those in transitional housing.

In Wyandotte, the Farmer’s Market is open every Thursday from  12 noon to 6pm at the corner of First and Elm streets in downtown Wyandotte.  The market runs through October 28th.  Waynewright Community Meals is the recipient organization of the Wyandotte Market donations.  They provide food to families in need in the local area.

This is one way in which we can help families while they are rebuilding their lives, while encouraging healthy eating together and enjoying local produce.

How you can help:

1.  IF you are in the area, please stop by the Dearborn Farmer’s and Artisan Market or the Wyandotte Market and share a donation.  Look for our “pink” produce carts.

2.  IF you are not in the area, but still want to help, cash donations are appreciated to help sustain Project Produce.  You can donate here on the Project Mother’s Day site by clicking the Donate button.

3.  IF you want to start a Project Produce program in your community, we will help guide you with insight, please contact us by phone 313-724-9400 or by email

In partnership with:

Solstice Designs, Dearborn Chamber of CommerceWyandotte Farmer’s Market and First Step of Michigan

Thank you Kearns Brothers Inc. for donating our original “pink” cart for collecting produce at the Dearborn market each week!